10 Questions
Complete in less then 2 minutes
Minumum 2 weeks

In applying for this course I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of MDA College and accept the circumstances. I confirm my understanding that course fees will only be refunded in the event of a visa application refusal excluding registration fee, on production of an official Refusal of Entry Clearance letter from a British Embassy or Consulate. I also accept there will be no refund for bank holidays and early leave for Friday prayers.

I accept that I have read and understood the Admission Policy and the Student Handbook.

All cancellations due to visa refusal must be made in writing or email (include copy of visa refusal letter). Cancellations made 4 weeks before the start date of the course will be fully refunded except the administration fee of £100.

Price List

Fees, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Placement Test

1-) ‘_____ to Australia, Ginny?’ ‘Yes, two years ago.”

2-) _____ be famous one day?

3-) The meal was very expensive. Look at the _____!

4-) Harry _____ his father’s car when the accident happened.

5-) What _____ this weekend, Lance?

6-) Don’t forget to _____ the light when you leave the room.

7-) I’ll call you when I _____ home.

8-) Surely Sue _____ you if she was unhappy with your work.

9-) I _____ TV every evening

10-) There have been several big _____ against the use of GM foods recently.