We want you to be happy and safe at MDA College.

We will:

- Have clear rules to keep you safe. These rules are on our policies page and in the student handbook.
- Make our school welcoming and friendly. All teachers and staff help students and take care of their welfare.
- Treat all students with respect, and listen to their problems. We will try to help you as much as we can.
- Keep anything you tell us a secret from other students. We might need to tell the teachers, staff or police if it is serious.
- Answer any problems as quickly as possible.

Zahra Ali
Administrator and Welfare Officer

Zahra is the main MDA College Welfare Officer. At the start of your course, you will do a Welfare Questionnaire with Zahra. She will ask you questions about your accommodation, if you are registered with a doctor, if you have any health problems and so on. You can talk to Zahra about any worries or problems at any time on your course. Zahra is available from 09:30-14:30 Monday to Friday at Reception.