It is important to register with the doctor and dentist in the UK, so you can be healthy and get help if you get sick or get hurt.

In the UK, we have the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is free for UK residents to use, as we pay for it with taxes. 

EU students: You will need your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to use the NHS for free.

Non-EU students studying for less than 6 months: You cannot use the NHS for free and you will need private health insurance.

Non- EU studying studying for more than 6 months: You must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge for £470 as part of your visa to use the NHS for free. 

Go here to find out if you need to pay to use the NHS in the UK.

Registering with a doctor 

You must register with a doctor when you study at MDA College. In the UK, a doctor (or GP) can only see you if you are registered to that GP surgery. It is free for everyone to register and it means that if you are sick, you can go to see a doctor.

You can find a GP surgery here.

Registering with a doctor is easy You go to the GP surgery near your home, and ask to register. You will need your passport and proof of where you live. You will need to complete an application form and give information about your age, how much you drink or smoke and how much exercise you do. 

Booking an appointment

When you are registered, you must book an appointment to see the doctor. You must call the surgery at 8am to book, as the appointments usually go very fast. 

Registering with a dentist

You should register with a dentist in case you have any problems with your teeth. Like the doctor, you cannot see a dentist if you are not registered and it is free to register.

You can find an NHS dentist here.

Private dentists are common in the UK, and you can join a private dentist if you prefer. 

Going to the hospital

In the UK, people only go to hospital in an emergency. If you are ill, but not in danger, you should not go to the hospital as you will wait for a long time and they may send you back to see your GP.

If you are not registered with a doctor, you can go to the Shakespeare walk-in centre but you must remember that it can be very busy and you may need to wait a long time to see the doctor.