Darren Smith
CEO / Director of Studies

“I completed my CELTA whilst I was living in Turkey. Since then, I have worked in several different schools mostly in the UK and I completed my MA TESOL at King’s College, London. I also have a Master’s in Law.”

Yusuf Buz
Academic Manager
BA in ELT, MA in Linguistics

"I have over 10 years experience, developing, assessing and preparing candidates for various proficiency English exams. I hold a BA in English Language Teaching and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Leeds. I am also the author of several titles on the English language."

Michael Smith
Assistant Director of Studies

Once I completed my CELTA I worked in 2 schools in the UK and Turkey. I have worked in education since 2018 helping students not only improve speaking fluency but help build confidence. My unique teaching style aims at improving students’ social skills and methodical skills in addition to their English.

Ali Smith
Business Development Manager
BA in Computer Science

"I have been in business all my life. I also own a nursery in my hometown, Hull. MDA College is special because everyone who comes here becomes part of our family, to learn and improve together."

Rachel Lazenby

"Hi, I'm Rachel, before joining the college I taught Performing Arts for eight years, delivering music and dance lessons as far away as Nepal. I love learning new languages, discovering new cultures, and have a passion for supporting others in their learning journey. I am responsible for making your admission to the college run as smoothly as possible and I am always happy to help with any issues you may have. "

Megan Rae
Student Services Officer
BA in Graphic Design

"I did my BA in Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University in 2020. I enjoy working at MDA College helping international students settle into the college ensuring that they have a fantastic experience."

Antonia Tsiakiri
EFL Teacher

"Since 2014, I had the pleasure of teaching students of different backgrounds and levels, mainly in Greece, Spain and the UK. I like making my classes fun, interactive and the students get to explore the language themselves."

Richard Tatterton
EFL Teacher and IELTS Specialist

My decision to become an English language teacher emanates from my love of languages and literature. You see, language is at the heart of everything we do; being a language teacher puts me right in the center of the action, helping others to develop and use their language skills to flourish and blossom."

Helen Slee
EFL Teacher

I have been teaching English for over ten years to students of all ages and levels across five different countries including Spain and China. I have a great deal of experience teaching Cambridge and Trinity exam preparation, as well as general English courses. I love empowering learners to progress and support their English language learning journey."

Julie Carr
EFL Teacher

Hi, I’m Julie, or Jules for short. I’ve been an English teacher for over seven years. I have two degrees and a CELTA and I´m a Cambridge examiner. I have taught many nationalities across different countries. Prior to teaching, I advised the UK Government on education and immigration. I love all aspects of teaching and it’s great to work closely with you at MDA College to help you in your language journey. "

Zain Hanif
Accommodation Officer

"I will be happy to find you a suitable place to live during your studies here in Leeds. If you get picked up from the airport I will be the first person you see. I also help students get to and from the college and take them on trips."

Niall Currien
EFL Teacher
"I did a BA in TESOL and Japanese at UCLan. When I was a student I lived, studied and worked in Japan and I graduated in 2015. Since then I have worked in Spain, Australia and South Korea. I've also worked at a university here in the UK and developed courses for them. I did my MA in English Language Teaching and I did a DELTA at the same time at Leeds Beckett University. 


Stephen Cage
EFL Teacher

"I completed my CELTA in 2019 and I have since taught English in the UK and the south of Italy.

Prior to this, I studied English Literature in Manchester and Austria. Here at MDA College, I enjoy making my lessons fun, dynamic and centred to my learners, and it is a pleasure to see my students grow in confidence and achieve their goals"