You can read our Student Handbook. It contains information about our academy, the rules and our policies in simple English.
You can find helpful information about our school, Leeds and life in the UK in our Useful Information Handbook.

Admission Policy

You must complete an application form and Quick Placement Test before you come to MDA College.
You will do a Speaking test when you arrive.
You must send us a copy of your passport when you apply. We can help you to apply for a visa, but we cannot give you a visa. We will recommend the best class for you

Attendance and Absence Policy

You must come to all your classes.
If you need to miss class, we need proof. For example, if you are ill and cannot come to class, we will need a doctor’s note as proof.
If you do not come to class two days together with no reason or proof, we will send you a warning letter.
If you receive three warning letters, we may decide to expel you.
You must come on time to all your classes. Being late is very rude in British culture.
If you are late, please ring us and say why. If you are late three days together with no good reason, we will send you a warning letter.
If you receive three warning letters, we may decide to expel you. 

Please see the full Attendance and Absence Policy here.

Complaints Policy

If you have a problem, our staff are here to help: 
Step 1: Talk to your teacher.
Step 2: Talk to the  Welfare Officer
Step 3: Talk to the Academic Management, Micheal or Yusuf.
Step 4: Talk to the CEO, Darren.
Step 5: Talk to our inspectors, EnglishUK.

Please see the full Complaints Policy here.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If your visa is rejected or you have a serious problem, you can cancel your course before you start your course.

Abusive Behaviour Policy

Accommodation Policy

Admission Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

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Attendance and Absence Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Complaints Policy

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Female Only classes Policy 

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