Finding childcare for your children can be difficult in the UK; nurseries can be very expensive, many are full and most nurseries will ask you to pay for a whole day (usually 7:30am- 6pm) rather than allowing you to organise times that suit you.
At MDA College, we work in partnership with Domi Domingo Day Nursery, a friendly and organic nursery that’s only a 5 minute drive from our school. You can arrange hourly childcare at the special price of only £4.70 per hour, so you can drop your child off before your first lesson and pick them up after you finish your classes*.
For more information, please visit their website and quote ‘Leeds Language Academy’ when making your booking.


Take a look around Domi Domingo

Your child will enjoy reading and learning about words with the friendly staff!

Your child will do fun projects and make new friends!

Your child can play outside and learn about nature!