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Our English + Internship program helps students who want to improve their English and get work experience at the same time.

• Guaranteed placements in a wide range of different industries.

• Interesting, useful lessons to help you gain confidence in using your English.

• You choose the industry you want a placement in.

• Drop-in sessions and English support on hand throughout your placement.

• You get certificates on completion that you can use for future applications all over the world.

Professional Placements.
Specialist Placements.

To improve your English language ability against the CEFR.
To improve your confidence in using English in everyday life.
To introduce you to British culture and customs, and encourage you to share your culture with other students.
To introduce you to different learning strategies and help you with independent learning.


When you join a course at MDA College, we want to know as much as we can about you, your English learning history and your goals.
Before you begin a course, we will give you three tests: an online Quick Placement Test, a Speaking Test and a Writing Test. These will help us to understand the level you are before you start, what problems you have with English and help us to make some plans about how we can help you.
Once you begin your course, your teacher will give you a tutorial to talk about what you need and enjoy in an English lesson. Every 4 weeks, you will get a report showing your attendance, test results and comments from your teacher to help you improve

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