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A homestay is where you live with a family in Leeds. You can eat dinner with the family, practise speaking with them and enjoy your own room. 


These are our own homestays, which are checked by us. You can see an example of one host family we work with here.

You can choose from three packages with Leeds Language Academy Homestay:
room only
half board. In this package, you get breakfast, dinner and a room.
full board. In this package, all food is included (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as your room.

Prices: start at £100 per week.


Our partners at English Steps provide homestay with a qualified English teacher, so you can get extra help and practice with your English!
- Live with a qualified English language teacher.
- All your meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
- Two English learning activities in the afternoon/evening each week.

Prices: start at £250 per week.

Why should I stay in homestay? Homestay means that you stay with a family in Leeds, speak English to them and learn about their life in the UK. It also means you have a family to help you with any problems. You can have a real English experience and practise your English more!
What problems might happen here? Sometimes, students and homestays have different ideas. Homestay is not a hotel, and the host family are not servants. Life in the UK might be very different to your country and it is important that you try to adapt, like the host family should try to adapt for you. For example, homestays are not usually in the city centre because people in the UK like to live outside the city. Before you book, you must read all the information and ask questions if you are not happy. You can find more information in our Homestay Information Pack




If you would like more of your own space, we can help you to find a room in one of the many university halls in Leeds with our partners, My Student Halls and Unite Students
You can meet other students and use the facilities. You can get en-suite rooms or catered packages.

Prices: start at £120 per week (depending on length of stay).
Why should I stay in university halls? University halls give you privacy and independence while you study. Students usually stay there for several months, so you can meet lots of other students and make new friends. Usually, student halls are near to the city centre.
What problems might happen here? ​You will usually need to cook and clean for yourself unless you choose a catered package. You cannot usually stay here on a short booking (less than 12 weeks). It might be more difficult to make friends as you will live in flats.




If you would like to live with friends or family, or to live independently, a serviced apartment with cleaning and furniture included is a great way to experience Leeds.
Our partners at The Apartment Network and LLA can help you to find an apartment with everything you need, including parking and a choice of many different locations.

Prices: start at £200 per week.
Why should I stay in a serviced apartment? If you are coming to study with friends or would like to live independently, a serviced apartment is great. It is like a hotel, but you have more privacy and rooms to live in. Many of these apartments are in the city centre. You can stay for a short time or a long time.
What problems might happen here? Although you will not need to clean, you must cook for yourself and you must try harder to speak English, especially if you live with people from your own country.

Leeds Language Academy has only a small number of homestay accommodation available, and we cannot guarantee accommodation unless it is booked and you pay the deposit. Leeds Language Academy will not help with accommodation for non-students.Leeds Language Academy does not take responsibility for accommodation other than our homestay.



Our friends at Student-Accommodation, Debbie and Joanne, can help you to find accommodation in Leeds. 
Their free service can help you with finding homestay, apartments, hotels or university halls, to suit your budget and needs. 
Click to go to their website.